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Pawsitive Training with Carrie Dorion (Kpa, Ctp)

Puppy Class (10 weeks to 24 weeks old) Level 1                   6 weeks $350

I am a  certified Professional Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer. I have completed                                                                                                                                                              Karen Pryor Academy.                                                                Dog Behaviour Training Methodology through the Edmonton Humane Society

The Dogs in Aggression Master course with Micheal Shikashio

I pride myself in keeping my education updated through science based modern approaches to dog training.

I base my training on setting up you and your dog for success, building confidence, and a trusting relationship.

 1st class is humans only
Behaviour Fundamentals- Level 2                               6 weeks $375
Designed for Adolescience- 6 months plus
Let's feel better together- 5 weeks- $395 
Design for any dog with reactivity challenges
Private Training-  4 sessions- $450
Designed to meet you and your dogs needs
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