Overnight and Daily Stays for Cats


Our goal is to provide a safe, fun and comforting environment for all our kitty friends.

Our spacious 2 rooms have private areas to start in then they are welcome to explore out when they feel comfortable.

We have a 5 star accommodation that is very clean, has lots of windows, tons of climbing, and comfy spots to sleep. If your cat has not done well in kennels, locked up in a cage, come try our open concept home for your furry friend .

Kittens must be a minimum age of 16 weeks to board and fully vaccinated with all 3 boosters.  Revolution or Advantage required for your cats stay (lasts a month).  Cats must be spayed or neutered after 6 months of age to board.

Drop-off and Pick-Up Hours


 Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM

3:00 PM


Saturday and Sunday - 11:30 am



             Thank you !  

Overnight and Daily Stays


                   Per Night Rate          Per Day Rate


   1 Cat       $24.00 per Night        $18.00 per day

   2 Cats     $42.00 per Night        $30.00 per Day

   3 Cats     $56.00 per Night        $40.00 per Day

We accept: Cash, Credit, and Debit.


Our Core Values

We put the care of your pet above all else

To provide a safe and clean environment

Treat each animal with respect and kindness

We create a fun and happy experience for our clients

We build client trust with open communication, integrity and honesty

The Second Pup

7030 2 Ave SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 1A3

Phone: 780-708-5486


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