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Group Classes

"... to teach the dog how to let go of frustration hectic energy and relax ON HIS/HER OWN and to teach deep relaxation, not merely calm, obedient behavior." - Training Between The Ears

Did you know, there are two types of stress in dogs?                               1. "Positive" stress, Eustress- overly excited, high level arousal, dogs playing too intensely, over the top happy.
 2. "Negative" stress, Distress- fear, anxiety, Some signs include: tail tucked, whale eyes, ears back, lowering head, lip licking, yawning, backing away, lifting a paw, excessive barking or panting, destructive chewing.

Our goal is not just change the external problem behaviour of the dog but to actually change the internal states & perspectives of the dog so the dog that can enjoy life and be comfortable in the world they live in. 

We have gathered together 5 exercises/activities, and information from our past 10 years of experience to share with you & your family. 

When you can practice these activities at least once a day, your dog can learn how to calm themselves down when under stress and let go of unproductive energy. It is great for us humans too!

 $90.00 for the first session (1 hour)                 $50.00 if you would like a follow up session                                                                                   - Can be pre booked with our Canine Coach.
- Please call, text, or email us to book in.
We will provide you with a booklet of the training activities to take home.                  

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