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Dog Daycare 
Our daycare is for friendly, social pups. We have over 2 acres of land to run and play on!

Are you busy at work during the day or running kids around at night? Maybe have a late business meeting? Is your dog a senior and has lost the zest for life? Let us help you - Come be our next Second Pup!

There is always supervision by our experienced caregivers who are trained in dog body language and appropriate safe play. Our staff and coaches are purely positive and strive to have fun through play, rest, and then repeat! We guarantee your pet(s) will go home well exercised mentality, physically and ready to cuddle.

Vaccinations & Revolution/Advantage (flea, lice, tick control) are required monthly( year round) and deworming yearly, click here to find out more.

DAYCARE is for dogs that are socialized, friendly, loose and wiggly 
  • We separate pups according to size, age, and temperament for safe play. 
  • The pups spend their days playing both outdoors and indoors.
  • Your pup will enjoy running & playing as well as rest times with the group.
  • A great option for dogs who are social and love to play!
  • many different yards that include real grass, play structures, sand pits, hay areas, pools & artificial turf
  • Available Monday-Friday

We do require daycare days to be booked in advance and strongly recommend setting up a daycare schedule for your dog. All dogs must attend regularly (minimum 1x a week).

Some benefits of a daycare schedule include:

- Always having a spot reserved for your spot (less work for you!).

- Providing your dog with consistency and routine, which dogs thrive off of.

- Allowing your dog to build a strong relationship with the same dogs and same people.


Would you like to read more about Dog Daycare and why it can be beneficial? Check out this article by FernDog. 

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