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1. What does my dog do while at Second Pup?


Have fun and get spoiled! We want them to feel at home and have a good old time

socializing with their furry friends. PLEASE do use our home ONLY if your dog likes to:


PLAY!- Having a fun filled play-date to visit, chase, and run to their hearts desire with

their pre-screened friendly furry buddies.


ROAM!- Venture freely in our non-caged, always clean, warm, cozy home and relax on

our soft beds, couches or anything to their liking.


RUN!- Our beautiful 2.5 acres of treed and fenced yard allows them a huge area to chase one

another, smell the new scents, and just enjoy the fresh air!


PAMPERED!- All our pooches receive free scratches, cuddles, and belly rubs at no charge! We also feel they deserve to be ‘freshened’ up before you pick them up so they will receive a free ‘rub down’ with our environmentally friendly pet products. Back drool is not cool!


Safety … Fun … Cleanliness!


This is what we are about. Supervision is constant to ensure our little buddies are playing fair and keep the fun going. Because this is a home we are proud of, keeping it clean and sanitized for everyone’s well being is a must and will be ongoing throughout the day. There is a daily routine that will be followed, which includes rotating outdoors, indoors, and a quiet time. Now some dogs can play rough or sometimes just need a break. In that case, we give15 minute time outs for their own safety and the safety of others.


2. Can I leave my dog for only a few hours?


We presently offer only offer full days because we like to establish the pack in the morning and do not accept pups after 9:30 am as it can be disruptive. Thank you for understanding.


3. Do I need a reservation?


After your first free assessment visit. we require you to reserve a time for your next visit (we recommend 3-7 days in advance). We do accept last minute reservations if we are not at capacity, but you must contact us first.


4. Do you feed my pooch and how many times a day do the dogs get fed?


To avoid dietary issues with your pooch, we prefer you feed our pup prior to coming but we can be flexible if there is a special need for us do to so.  This avoids any stomach intolerance your dog may have. For overnights, we would require you provide enough food for the length of their stay and will feed them accordingly.


5. What if my dog is used to being crated ?


We will crate your pup at night or for a break throughout the day. Because not all pups are socially fit for open care, we do our assessment prior to coming.  If your dog is used to being crated for most of the day, we can crate them sporadically throughout their stay so that their routine is not completely disrupted. We also believe that older, less mobile dogs need fun too, so we are happy to accommodate and cater to their individual needs.

6. Where do the dogs sleep while staying the night and can I bring in toys or items to give him that at home feel?


This is your dog’s second home and we want them to feel comfortable. We have a variety of sleeping arrangements for every dog’s need... dog beds, couches, chairs, and crates if that is what your pooch feels most comfortable in. You may bring a toy but we cannot guarantee it won’t be shared with our open concept arrangement. Thank you.


7.   My dog is sick. Can he still come and stay if need be?


We always are willing to administer medications if need be while your dog

stays with us. However there are certain medical conditions that we cannot

allow at our home. These include the following:

  •  Kennel Cough (bordetella)
  •  Distemper
  •  Hepatitis
  •  Para influenza
  •  Parvo
  •  Dogs that require hypodermic injections
  •  Mange
  •  Rabies
  •  Female dogs in heat
  •  Parasites
  •  Coccidia
  •  Giardia
  •  Fleas
  •  Anything Contagious


Your dog MUST have their vaccinations up to date before playing. This includes their rabies and kennel cough (bordetella) shots.  We require that your dog is given a flea/tick/lice treatment (eg Advantage Multi (or Revolutions) prior to coming.  Please note that vaccinations are a PREVENTATIVE

measure and illnesses like kennel cough can still occur (different strains, low immunity, etc.), especially in any dog daycare or boarding setting.


8. What happens if my dog has a medical emergency?


Our first cause of action in any medical situation is to call you the owner. If for some reason we are unable to reach you than we will call your emergency contact. If we can't reach your contact pesons(s) on the waiver, we will determine the best course of action. The Second Pup (and Kitties Too) is not responsible for any related costs. We have a vet clinic close by where we would take your dog to ensure they receive the proper medical attention.


9. What happens if my dog gets into a fight?


If we witness some warning signs that a fight may occur, we separate

the dogs and give them a time out. We will not, under any circumstances, get

physical with your dogs through violence. If a fight occurs, we will

separate them, leash them, and check them over fully. 

*If during a visit your dog shows a signs of

aggression, we have the right to refuse your dog from subsequent visits for

the safety of our other guests*.


10. What are your cleaning habits?


We clean our home throughout the day to ensure a clean home. We wash

any linens that are soiled, including any blankets or doggy covers. We mop

the floors, wash water bowls and pick up outside messes on a regular basis.                                                                                                               . Additionally, we have installed a Pure Air filtration system

used in veterinary offices to ensure that allergens, bacteria and dust is

removed, preventing the spread of viruses and maintaining healthy air quality

at all times.

11. What does Open-concept mean?


"Open Care” means that we let your pup hang with a person or other pups while they are visiting. We think of ourselves as your neigh-bour or close family friend. We want your dog to feel at home and believe that caging can cause stress and loneliness, especially when there are playmates around to socialize with. We want all our furry friends to be able to play, have fun, and relax at their leisure.  We certainly will kennel your dog if your dog if your dog uses one at home.  Please bring it with you.


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