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Please Bring Your Own Food

If you do not bring enough food, you will be charged for food.


We do not accept:

Raw bone, raw hides, pig ears, bully sticks, or other similar foods as they require full supervision. For your pet's safety, we are unable to give these types of treats while boarding.


Canned or Wet Food

Bring only unopened cans.



Biscuits, cookies, or dental treats are always welcome.


Raw and Special Diets

We are equipped and experienced to feed your pet the way you do at home. This includes raw or dehydrated and homemade pet food. We have a kitchen with both fridges and freezers.


Nutrition Questions?

If you are working through dietary concerns with your pet, we strongly encourage you to discuss these concerns with your vet or nutritionist. 

For purchasing high quality pet foods and gaining information from knowledgeable staff, we highly recommend The Bone & Biscuit Summerside for all your pup's nutrition needs. 

If you are interested in feeding your pup a raw diet, we suggest reading through the Grand Dog Essentials' Blog.


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