Transitional Leash Training

Create a strong foundation of proper behaviour

Once a foundation is put in place all becomes much easier! 

This training helps to teach a calm, relaxed state of mind, impulse control, and teaching your pup to walk on a loose leash.

 Your pup will receive a 4 to 7 day train with us. The cost is $80 per day plus daycare or overnight charge. This includes:
  • 2-3 45 minute sessions per day
  • A Transitional leash 
  • Crate training (recommended)
  • Structured Day play for socialization
  • K9 Lifeline The Basics booklet
  • 1 hour teaching after the 4 to 7 day train 
  • 1 hour follow-up the following week
*This 30 to 90 day program is heavily dependent on the owners participation*
5 Step Program 
1.Teach the tool
2.Move forward together
3.Create fixed space
4.create unfixed space

Our Core Values

We put the care of your pet above all else

To provide a safe and clean environment

Treat each animal with respect and kindness

We create a fun and happy experience for our clients

We build client trust with open communication, integrity and honesty

The Second Pup

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