Building Better Human Dog Relationships

The Sidekick (transitional leash) makes this dream a reality. It is an effective tool to calm excitement, fear, anxiety & leash reactivity. Owners will feel good & gain the control & confidence to safely & effectively build better relationships with their dog. 
                                                                                      Once a foundation is put in place all becomes much easier! 


 This program includes 4 days of training. The cost is $100 per day plus a daycare day charge or you can use a pass or an overnight charge if your pup is sleeping over.
  • 2 - 3   45 minute sessions per day
  • A Side Kick leash 
  • Crate training (recommended)
  • Structured Day play for socialization
  • K9 Lifeline The Basics booklet
  • 1 hour teaching with you after the 4 day train 
  • 1 hour follow-up the following week
*This 30 to 90 day program is heavily dependent on the owners participation*

Zen Program

Over the fabulous 10 years of owning & running a dog daycare & boarding we have learned & gained some great understanding, knowledge, & experience that we would love to share with you.

We have gathered some of the best activities & exercises that we feel are effective, easy to understand & that you can practice at home with your furry friend.

Your dog's emotional state matters! 

Once a dog knows how to relax on their own it creates the thought & ability for the dog to chose to relax at times when they may have had stress, anxiety, excessive excitement or reactivity.

"Behaviour is the outcome of thought & emotion"

- Mark McCabe

"When you change the way you look at things, the things begin to change"

- Wayne Dyer

Please contact us for more information & to book with our Canine Coaches: Janet, Tiffany, & Kaya.

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