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We're all about throwing epic doggy parties! Whether it's a surprise weekend bash or spicing up a regular daycare day, we bring the fun. Expect festive activities, seasonal treats, and tons of adorable photos during special celebrations!

Medium sized, fluffy dog that is hand-drawn
Birthday Pawty
  • Cake & treats to share with friends.

  • 2 Polaroids to take home.

  • Facebook photo album showcasing the party.

  • Birthday video posted to Facebook.

  • Extra fun, love, and games!


Two small dogs celebrating a birthday.
A group of dogs sitting inside celebrating a birthday party.
School Photos
One large dog smiling with bunny ears on.
A medium-sized dog posing for school photos.
A collage photo for Valentine's Day showing the different events.
Valentines Day
A small dog sitting on a pink blanket celebrating Valentine's Day.
Two dachshunds looking up into the camera with a heart shaped necklace around their neck.
A blonde female sitting down at a kissing booth with a dog licking her cheeck.
Campout Night
A large dog standing in a campsite.
Two labs laying in a tent.
A medium-sized dog standing and posing for a photo.
A small pug looking into the camera.
A boxer looking into the camera.
A german shepard looking into the camera with glasses on.
Three large dogs looking up into the camera with bunny ears on.
Two females sitting down with a dog in the middle.
A dog posing with Halloween decorations.
A dog in a Halloween costume.
A dog sitting behind a Halloween background.

Daycare Request

Log in to our customer portal website to request a daycare day! Please ensure your pet’s vaccinations and Revolution/Advantage treatments are up to date before booking. Annual deworming is also recommended.

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