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Transforming Bonds, One Paw at a Time.


Explore our specialized  programs to strengthen your bond with your furry friend. Whether it's building confidence during walks, learning self-relaxation in the Zen Program, or engaging in our Puppy Social Program, each offering enhances your connection and your dog's well-being. Choose the perfect program for your pup and embark on a rewarding journey together!

By 4 Paws In Training 

spring 2024 group classes

Leash walking Class                              starts Sunday 3:00 pm  June 4, 2024 

Book Leash Walking Class with 4 Paws Class Level 1 HERE

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Book 4 Paws Scent Class Level 1 HERE


Program One:

Zen Program

This thoughtful, respectful, and innovative approach to communicate with your dog can help eliminate the conflict in your training and relationship while getting the behaviour you want and less of what you don't want. This approach creates a close, trusting, and enjoyable relationship for both the dog and their people. 

Is your dog anxious, hyper-intense, fearful, or reactive? We prioritize understanding and appreciating the internal state of the animal, aiming to genuinely change how the animal feels about people, other animals, and things in the environment—not just focusing on external behaviour.                                                                                                                                             

In this program, we focus on teaching your dog how to let go of frustrated or hectic energy and relax on their own. 


Once your dog has acquired the skill of self-relaxation, it empowers them with the capability to consciously opt for relaxation during moments of stress, anxiety, heightened excitement, or reactivity.


Over the last 12 years of owning the Second Pup, we have carefully gathered a selection of the most effective activities and exercises, chosen for their simplicity and ease of practice in the comfort of your home alongside your furry friend. 

We offer two 1-hour sessions with our canine coaches.

  • Payment must be given at the time of booking. 

  • $160 plus GST

  • Both session must be booked within 1 week apart. 

Our sessions are offered with our dedicated Canine coaches: 

  • Saturday afternoon at 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm. Please contact us if you need an alternate time.

** This class has a maximum of 2 participants with 1 dog each. 

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Program Two:

 Please join us at our Saturday socials with our small , tiny dogs         June 8 & 22 5:15-6:00pm
our puppy class/ exploration is on hold

Calling all puppies from 12-24 weeks! Our program offers play and exploration, helping to shape behaviour and build confidence in your young furry friend. These sessions are very interactive for both you and your pup, allowing them to learn and progress at their own pace. 


Our objectives for these sessions include positive and gentle exposure and experiences with different people, places, surfaces, sounds, smells and teaching essential skills through engaging exercises, group activities, and purposeful, safe play.


The social class starts with 10 minutes of you and your puppy exploring and engaging through our different yards to help your pup get comfortable and decompress with some distractions along the way, 15 minutes of instruction with a group activity (examples: learning proper leash greetings, impulse control activities, etc.), and 15 minutes of safe puppy play, going over dog body language with parents. We can't emphasize enough how important it is to understand what your dog is communicating to you.


Socializing your puppy is the key to ensuring you have a happy, confident, and well adjusted dog.

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