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Dog Food


To ensure your furry friend feels right at home during their stay, we kindly ask you to bring their preferred food. Please take note that if sufficient food is not provided, a nominal charge for meals will be applied.

Here are some important guidelines to enhance your pet's boarding experience:


Not Accepted:

We are unable to accept raw bones, raw hides, pig ears, bully sticks, or similar foods requiring full supervision. For your pet's safety, these treats cannot be provided during their stay.


Canned or Wet Food: 

Feel free to bring unopened cans of your pet's favourite canned or wet food.



Biscuits, cookies, or dental treats are always a delightful addition and are gladly welcomed.


Raw and Special Diets:

Our facility is fully equipped and experienced to cater to your pet's unique dietary needs, be it raw, dehydrated, or homemade pet food. Our kitchen, complete with a fridge and freezer, ensures we can replicate their home diet seamlessly.

Nutrition Questions?

If you are working through dietary concerns with your pet, we strongly encourage you to discuss these concerns with your vet or nutritionist. 

For purchasing high quality pet foods and gaining information from knowledgeable staff, we highly recommend The Bone & Biscuit Summerside for all your pup's nutrition needs. 

If you're considering a raw diet for your pup, we recommend exploring valuable insights on the Grand Dog Essentials' Blog.


Thank you for entrusting us with your pet's care. We look forward to ensuring their stay is comfortable, safe, and tailored to their unique preferences!
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